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Countdown to Acadia upgrade

Current Blockheight:
Acadia Binaries release: 14th December 2018
Acadia network activation height: 250,000
Estimated Acadia Activation Date: 12th January 2019


Acadia is the codename for the upcoming ZelCash network upgrade. It brings the latest technological developments from Zcash’s Overwinter and Sapling network upgrades, and an improved difficulty algorithm from @zawy12

Acadia includes all the changes and improvements from Zcash 2.0.2 and brings ZelCash up to date with the latest developments. A big thank you to the Zcash Team


Reference: Sapling and Overwinter
  • Performance improvement of transparent addresses
  • Performance of shielded addresses
  • Replay Protection
  • Decoupled spend authority
  • Improved keys
  • Improved Difficulty Algorithm
  • New address


This sounds great, but what do I need to do?

Well it depends on what you use so:

ZelCore user

If you have auto update enabled, nothing. Great, right? If you don’t then make sure to download the latest version when prompted. (If you use fullnode, ZelCore will download new binaries and will fetch the new keys required to remain compatible with Acadia (don’t worry it’s all automatic) but don’t worry if you see it redownloading things next time you launch it.)

Copay user

Also keep an eye out on those updates.

Swing user

Make sure to update, keep an eye out on the 14th/15th of December a new version will be released, you will need to update to remain compatible. Make sure to backup your wallet.dat before updating but you should of already of done that.

Zelcashd user

I think you know what you are doing ;) But Acadia is a mandatory update and you will be required to update your Zelcash Daemon and Cli.