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Modified Equihash 144,5

ZelCash will swap the POW hashing algorithm from ZCash (200,9) Equihash to ZHash (144,5) Equihash to continue our stance of ASIC-resistance.

Equihash 144,5 is a "stop-gap" for ZelCash. This algo swap will give us time to continue development for ASIC-resistance by exploring more long-term options, such as ProgPOW.

ZelCash Personalization String: "ZelProof"

Zawy LWMA Difficulty Algorithm

The difficulty algorithm will swap from DigiShield v3 to LWMA with the Equihash algo swap. The algorithm was developed for micro/small-cap coins to better adjust difficulty for large hash swings.
  • Faster block find retargeting response
  • Stronger protection against hash and timestamp attacks
  • Reduces number of potential "stolen" blocks
  • More info: Zawy Github

Estimated Swap Date

July 22nd, ~18:00 UTC

Difficulty Algo Swap

Block: 125,000

Both Equihash Algos Allowed

Blocks: 125,100 - 125,110

Equihash 144,5 Algo Swap

Block: 125,110

Mining Information

Modified Equihash is similar to the original algorithm in terms of GPU settings. Miners must update mining software and mining scripts. You will see a significantly lower sol rate, this is normal.


Example script: "miner --algo 144_5 --pers ZelProof --server YOURPOOLURL --port XXXX --user YOURADDRESS --pass x --pec"


Download lolMiner and follow the guide "lolMiner_quickstart.pdf" instructions
lolMiner ANN

Expected Hashrates


  • 1050ti | 15 Sol/s
  • 1060 | 27 Sol/s
  • 1070 | 40 Sol/s
  • 1080 | 45 Sol/s
  • 1080ti | 64 Sol/s


  • RX560 | 7 Sol/s
  • RX580 | 13 Sol/s
  • R9 290 | 12 Sol/s