What is Zelcash?

What is Zelcash? 'Zelcash' is the coin and system of transacting value inside of the Zeldev Platform, running on our Equihash blockchain. Zelcash is minable making distribution fair. A Proof of Stake element will be added in the form of Zelnodes to bring around the capabilities and network stability needed for the ZelDev Decentralized Development Platform to be released. Zelcash is and will always be a staple in all projects undertaken by the Zel Foundation.

Zelcash is the enabler in the Zel Foundations project to bring a truly decentralized, open source and free development platform into reality, Zeldev. Zelcash will not only allow value to be transacted but will also be an incentive for users to host Zelnodes (masternodes) that secure the network and allow for the main Ethereum like blockchain to operate completely on POS. This Ethereum like blockchain is the backbone to the ZelDev Platform. This will allow for the free creation of decentralized applications (DAPPS) and for the creation of Smart contracts that are free and open to all. The Zelnodes network will also allow the running of other blockchains (side chains (but not actually side chains)) such as the Zel ID chain.





Algorithm: Equihash
Block Time: 2 Minutes
Block Reward: 150 ZEL 
Reward Halving: Every 2 years
Total ZEL Supply: 210,000,000
Development fund: 6.2% 
P2P Port: 16125
RPC Port: 16124


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The Zelcash Team

team member

Miles is a young and successful business owner and entrepreneur. At age 16 he founded the Zel Foundation, a dynamic group of projects that interact and work together to bring new technologies and experiences to the world.

Miles "Scribbles" Manley
team member

Lumi brings a vast amount of knowledge and charisma to the Zel Foundation, with over 15 years of experience working Graphics design.

team member

Daniel bring over 20 years IT experience in healthcare and nonprofit- charity works. An entrepreneur, investor and disruptive technology advocate, Daniel chooses projects that can make a difference in the world and uplift humanity. Advising the Zel project and sharing guidance and support in all areas is Daniels focus.

Daniel "Agent Smith" Keller
team member

Parker is a mechanical engineer from the south Bay Area, CA and works in the medical device field consulting for product development. He's relatively new to mining crypto, started October 2017, but has invested small amounts here and there since ~2015.

Parker "trial123"
Community Manager
team member

Alexandra is a Private client lawyer with 15 years of experience, specialising in general estate planning, taxation, trust creation and management and advising charitable trusts. She joins the Zel Team as a legal advisor to the team and personal attorney to Miles.

Alexandra Nadezhda
Legal Advisor
team member

SparkIt has been an active crypto, trader, miner and daytrader since 2013 and since 2014. SparkIt has been involved in a number of projects as community and project manager and as an advisor. The biggest project SparkIt been involved in thus far is HUSH.

Axel "SparkIt" Karlsson
team member

Mark brings 18 years of experience from the insurance and financial field. Having monitored Cryptocurrency for several years in 2016 he started mining, then trading and began looking for a project he can join. Mark leads negotiations, works on timelines and overall business strategy.

Mark "Elsewhere" Lynch
team member

Bishop is a Senior UX/UI Designer with over a decade of experience designing user interfaces in the software-as-a-service industry. During the day, he builds enterprise applications used by the majority of the Fortune 100. At night, he is working to evolve the overall user experience of the cryptocurrency space.

UX/UI Designer
team member

Web Developer (Front End). Cryptocurrency day-trader. Brewer. TV Shows addict. Lover of comedy, food, tech, coffee and traveling.

Iolar Demartini Junior
Front-end designer
team member

Mark Dey game artist/miner/entrepreneur from the Midwest. I've been watching crypto mature for the past year, I recently decided to turn a render pc into a mining rig and have been expanding ever since. Im here to provide support for the community and help the Zel Foundation grow!

Mark Dey
Community Moderator
team member

Leilany was born and raised in Recife, Brazil before moving to the United States at 24. She has been involved in translation for the last 10 years for various companies. Now residing in the United States she has taken an interest in cryptocurrency and is happy to assist ZEL in its future out reach to the Portuguese speaking world.

Leilany Silva Lima
team member

Lachlan is a mechanical engineer/entrepreneur from Melbourne Australia that is currently running a successful online sales business. He got into crypto in 2013 with a few small investments and has been intensely engaged in mining and trading since 2015.

Lachlan "Crypt0miner" Osmotherly
team member

Cybersecurity Professional (Global Financial Services) and Cryptocurrency Enthusiast, currently living in Singapore.

Community Moderator
team member

TheTrunk is a particle physicist from Czech Republic with many years of experience creating web applications. His passion for human freedom brought him to blockchain technologies so he can fight corporate slavery with the power of decentralization and anonymization.

team member

Extra is one of our lead developers and heads the backend team. Extra brings class with his many years of experience in development.


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