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We are proud to present

Easy to use, both Light and Fullnode wallet

What is ZelCash?

ZelCash is a cryptocurrency that holds a central role for all transactions in the Zel Ecosystem. It provides incentive for ZelNode ownership, which enables the creation of ZelEx and the ZelDev Platform, enabling us to create a truly decentralized development platform.

ZelCash is minable, making distribution fair to all who secure the network. ZelNodes are soon to be added and will allow holders of ZelCash to receive a portion of the block reward for supplying computing power through operating a ZelNode.

Our Features

ZelCash offers a unique feature set focused on ease-of-use, power, and dependability

Mobile Apps

Take Zel with you anywhere and pay anywhere. ZelCore mobile will place the power of the Zel platform right in your pocket.

Safe & Secure

ZelCore gives you the power to choose if you want speed or advanced features. All wallets are available as light nodes, with the option to download the Full Node should you require the advanced features like shielded addresses, recovering existing wallets, and much more.

Encrypted Multi-asset Wallet

Enjoy quick, easy access to all your favorite coins and tokens with ZelCore. ZelCore creates a “One Stop Shop” for Crypto assets and provides the gateway to DEX and dApp development.

Community Involvement

Zel is a community driven and supported POW based cryptocurrency, with this; development of a robust and functioning infrastructure is obtained. Mine ZelCash today, support a ZelNode or POW to secure the network.

Decentralized Exchange

Zel’s ongoing development plan is to have the first scalable and reliable DEX on the ZelDev platform. ZelCore will be the portal to this powerful new platform.


Offering developers an easy SDK for utilizing the ZelDev platform for blockchain, DAPP and Smart contract development.


ZelCash is committed to maintaining an aggressive timeline of features and products

ZelCore (formerly known as ZelTreZ) release


Marketing Campaign

The ZelCash marketing plan describes the short/medium-term items planned to increase Zel's position in the crypto world. Read this document to understand how we are striving to make Zel a household name.


Website 2.0


Whitepaper 2.0

ZelCash Community Pool

Help secure the ZelCash blockchain by distributing network mining hash and take advantage of zero fees currently.

Q1 2019

Acadia Upgrade

Acadia includes all the changes and improvements from Zcash 2.0.2 and brings ZelCash up to date with the latest developments. A big thank you to the Zcash Team.

Q1 2019


ZelNodes are key to creating most of what we envision. They will allow us to build a scalable computing network of decentralized nodes, running ZelChains, Smart Contracts, dApps, tokenization of assets and much more. Developers will be able to utilize Javascript-framework SDK and BDK through the ZelDev platform for a seamless experience.

Q1 2019

Meet Our Team

Our global team brings youth and expertise together

Miles Manley

Founder & Developer

Miles Manley

Founder & Developer

At age 15, Miles founded ZelCash with the ambition to create a scalable, decentralized blockchain development platform to enable fellow developers to create blockchain-based applications and dApps with ease. Miles, now 16, works full time on ZelCash and looks forward to the future that lies ahead.

Lumi Ibishi

Developer & Designer

Lumi Ibishi

Developer & Designer

With over 15 years of experience working on graphic design, Lumi leads the design team at Zel Technologies. He also brings vast amount of knowledge and expertise in UI and UX development. In May 2018, Lumi, Miles, Patrick and Tadeáš formed Zel Technologies GmbH. our business arm that brings everything Zel Together.

Tadeáš Kmenta


Tadeáš Kmenta


Tadeáš hails from the Czech Republic and heads our development team. He is an experienced Javascript developer and looks forward to the enablement of people through blockchain.

Whole team

Meet Our Partners

Zel has partnered with industry leaders

Pulse Lab

Accelerator Group

Pulse Lab

Accelerator Group

Pulse Lab is a blockchain-focused accelerator providing expert consultation in legal structure, finance, technology, and tokenomics for paradigm-shifting projects.

Iterative Capital

Institutional capital growth partner

Iterative Capital

Institutional capital growth partner

Over-the-counter cryptocurrency liquidity specialists.


Current listing of exchanges for ZelCash


Zel offers multiple wallets for many of today's platforms


ZelCore Multi-Asset Wallet

ZelCore for Windows ZelCore for macOS ZelCore for Linux ZelCore for Android ZelCore for iOS

ZelCash Swing Wallet

ZelCash Swing for Windows ZelCash Swing for macOS ZelCash Swing for Linux


A list of mining pools that support ZelCash

Tools & Resources

Links that power the infrastructure of ZelCash

Coin Specs

Privacy Protocol: zkSNARKs

Block Reward: 150 Zel

Block Time: 120 seconds (2min)

Max Supply: 210,000,000

Halving: every 2.5 years

P2P Port: 16125

RPC Port: 16124